[FINAL ASSIGNMENT] Second draft of moodboard

In response to our prof’s comments regarding the first draft of our moodboard, we focused our research on:
– the fact that technology being more accessible than hospitals in some countries;
– the problem in Africa, Ebola and the lack of resources;
– concentrate on research for the future (not anchored in today’s world, but in a 100 years, what will it be like?).

Second draft of moodboard presented by Roxanne Desrosiers, Hannah Materne, Celeste Nakaï, Véronique Pelletier & Hailey Turcato.


For the start of the final assignment of our Discursive Design class, we had to consult the writings of Anthony Dunne in Hertzian Tales (chapters 1 to 3), as well as those of Anthony Dunne & Fiona Ray from Speculative Everything (chapters 1 & 2).

Our initial line of thought is explained in our proposal. The research and ideation is presented by Roxanne Desrosiers, Hannah Materne, Celeste Nakaï, Veronique Pelletier & Hailey Turcato.

[ASSIGNMENT 03] Performing Object

For the third assignment, we had to create a 3D mockup & 1 page advertisement of an technologically enhanced / performing object as a “smart” device that creates new user experiences, connectivity and/or

enriches everyday activities (cooking, eating, traveling, working, sitting, washing, etc.).

Our project is described in this Performing Object PDF. The research is presented by Roxanne Desrosiers, Celeste Nakai, Véronique Pelletier & Hailey Turcato.

DART 491 Poster