| Sustainable Graphic Design


Source: PACT website (2013)

As part of my DART 391 class, we had a lecture on sustainable graphic design. The guest speaker was Marie Reumont, the founder of PACT.

I had already heard of Marie Reumont, since she had her graphic design formation at College Ahuntsic, juste like I have done.  During my final year, she received an award for the role she played in the growth and development of the graphic design and communications industry in Quebec.

I found her lecture very motivating: she seemed very passionate about the future of the designer in the ecodesign process. The challenge is to achieve good design while integrating sustainability principles.

She gave us many tools and solutions; here are just a few:

  • Using alternate materials;
  • Choosing the right processes;
  • Simplify the message;
  • Getting back to the essentials, to the core of the product;
  • Optimizing manufacturing.

However, I think the real challenge here is to get companies and big corporations to adopt these changes in their branding and products. Nowadays, the problem is that companies are willing to invest enormous amounts of money for the marketing of their so-called “green design”, to convince people that their product and/or company is eco-friendly and sustainable. However, when it comes to investing in ways to actually make the product greener, they are not so willing. So, it all comes down to greenwashing, which is exactly what Marie Reumont wants to change: with PACT, she has the fervent desire of informing the consumer about what actually has been done, as well as what has to be done in the future.

Here is a link to PACT’s webpage: http://www.projetpact.com/




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