| The Futurist Manifesto

This roaring manifesto is written in a way that is very bold, fearless, and daring. It could be seen as an invitation to take on life in a very radical way.

Indeed, the Futurist manifesto m a new artistic and social movement being born at the beginning of the 20th century. The Futurists insist throughout their manifesto that their movement is a “young” movement, meaning that the revolution they search can only come from society’s strong youth. Therefore, the founders themselves are not afraid of aging, eventually being pushed aside by younger leaders when the time has come. They actually want it to happen.

Also, the Futurists are quite fond of technology, especially everything that has to do with speed, noise, machines, pollution and cities.

“We affirm that the world’s magnificence has been enriched by a new beauty: the beauty of speed.”

They encourage the Industrial Revolution; words like “electric”, “railway”, “factories”, “smoke”, “bridges”, “steamers”, “locomotives”, “planes”, “propellers” and “steel” are all found in the text and inspire a very streamlined take on society. Furthermore, according to their manifesto, the Futurists have a deep hatred of the past, especially political and artistic traditions. They have a desire to free Italy (and eventually the rest of the world) from the heaviness of the past. They revolt themselves against the “laborious contortions of an artist”, who does not have to liberty to express himself freely. Instead, the Futurists see art as “violent spasms of action and creation”.

However, what bothered me te most with their manifesto is how they speak of masculinity, but seem to harshly exclude women. I know that this manifesto was written at the beginning of the 20th century, yet they seem a bit radical even for their time. They want to glorify war, and by doing so they “scorn women”. Also, through their fight against the heaviness of the past, they want to fight (or “destroy”) feminism. I’m afraid that by unleashing this utterly masculine roar, they might not just create futurist art, but instead end up creating a state of complete chaos.


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