| Seripop

Seripop was one of the artists that had been mentioned during our first screenprinting class. I had heard of the name, but had never seen any of their artworks before. This is why I decided to choose them as part of my research on screenprinters. Seripop is composed of two Montreal-based artists, Yannick Desranleau and Chloe Yum. They have worked together since 2000. Their collaborative projects have touched the fields of visual arts, music and graphic design. They have exhibited both in Canada and abroad, notably at the Musée d’Art Contemporain de Montréal. Also, their work is part of the Victoria and Albert Museum’s public collection in London. They are probably the most recognizable print artists in Montreal. I find their work very appealing to the eye of the viewer. Seeing the image of the artwork below, it made me realize that screenprinting can also be used not only as a series of prints, but also as part of an entire installation. Indeed, the artist duo considers their art as being “site-responsive”, which means that the art might consider a space as a skeleton or frame, opening itself up to interventions, adjustments and alterations. Seripop highlight their target site, embellishing each location with a experimental and perceptual design (Joseph Henry, “Paper Planes: Seripop Takes Over YYZ”). In an interview with The National Post (interview with Leah Sandals), Seripop mentioned that the try to be playful in their installations and posters, because it keeps them from being bored. They also say that their installations are a nod to the idea that the poster is one of the only ways for people to express themselves in an urban context. This is why the artist duo especially likes working with the ephemeral aspect of posters; their work is ultimately made to be destroyed. Even with their paper exhibitions, there are elements that are left on the floor that the visitors will walk on, which get more and more destroyed as people visit.



– seripop.com – Desranleau, Yannick and Chloe Lum. “Hardly Paper Thin.” Interview with Leah Sandals. National Post [Toronto]. March 1 2012.

– Henry, Joseph. “Paper Planes: Seripop Takes Over YYZ.” Blouin ArtInfo, August 16 2013.  


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